Client Spotlight : MC Wine Selection, a wine journey across the Principality of Monaco

27 May 2021

Born from a passion for wine, MC Wine Selection offers a wide variety of quality French and Italian wines. Meeting with the founder of the company, Mr Luigi VISCIANO, who shares with us his journey and his ambitions for this new adventure.



Hello, Luigi, can you quickly introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Luigi VISCIANO, founding partner of MC Wine Selection. I have been working in the Principality for over 25 years, more specifically in the catering industry. When I arrived in Monaco, I joined the Hôtel de Paris team. Then, I pursued my career in other major Monegasque establishments.

During these years, I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting clients, who then became friends, with whom we often shared this passion for wine. Among these beautiful encounters, there is Jerry and Jonna whom I knew about fifteen years ago. They are owners of several restaurants in Copenhagen and importers of the best Italian wines. Our common passion brought us closer together and we became friends. When they suggested that I join forces, MC Wine Selection was born quite naturally.

How was MC Wine Selection born and what is its main purpose?

Thanks to my personal experience in the restaurant business, I have noticed that the import of wines is a sector that is too little exploited in the Principality. Indeed, there are a lot of commercial agents but very few wine importers. Agents take orders, pass them on to suppliers, who then enter and ship them. This process usually takes one to two weeks, which is far too long for a restaurateur who is missing a reference on their wine list.

In addition, my associates own a company in Denmark. They import and supply quality wine to catering professionals. Thanks to their experience, my contacts in the Principality and our common passion, we decided to meet the demand by creating MC Wine Selection.

MC Wine Selection offers its customers many references of quality Italian and French wines. Our stocks are kept near Monaco so we provide responsive service to our customers. Our orders are generally delivered within 24 hours.


What is your target customer?

We work with professionals, especially restaurateurs, but also with private individuals. Indeed, in 25 years I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of wine lovers. Today, I provide them with quality products at a competitive price and share my passion with them.

How do you choose your suppliers and what’s your relationship with them?

My associates have been in the wine market for over twenty years. For this reason, their relationship with producers/suppliers gradually turned into a friendship. We therefore have a special relationship with them and we move forward together. Also, to differentiate ourselves, we select references that are not (or poorly) present on the Monegasque market. In this way, we introduce our customers to exclusive and sometimes little-known wines.

In addition, it is essential for us to choose passionate producers who respect environment and working conditions of their workers.



What are your future projects for MC Wine Selection?

Our ambition is to meet even more enthusiasts like us, to share and experience moments of conviviality. We want to make our producers known to Monegasque consumers and give them the visibility they deserve.

The ultimate goal would be to open a small store in the Principality to offer our products for retail sale. We could thus improve the customer experience by offering on-site advice and tastings to our customers.

Why did you choose Monte-Carlo Business Center to set up your company ? 

We chose to settle at Monte-Carlo Business Center primarily for its location within the Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo commercial gallery and at the very heart of the Principality. The business center is very easily accessible, with several car parks nearby. The MCBC is the perfect place if you want to meet clients over for meetings.

In addition, the entire team is very available, kind and attentive. We are very happy to have chosen the Monte-Carlo Business Center!

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank my associates because this adventure exists largely thanks to them! The same day I left my job, we saw each other and made the decision to open the company. May the adventure continue!


You are a wine lover and you want to discover new flavors? Whether you are a professional or an individual, Luigi will be able to advise you and assist you in your selection. Do not hesitate to contact him by email or by phone +33 6 48 16 09 35.