Client Spotlight : Investing In Gems, bespoke and timeless jewelry

14 February 2022

You discovered in a previous interview the MC Wine Selection company. Today, let us introduce a new company: Investing In Gems, and its creator Charlotte Barbotin.

Hello Charlotte, can you tell us a few words about yourself and your background?

I am Charlotte Barbotin, founder of “Investing In Gems”.

After an MBA and a professional career in the world of luxury, I have decided to reorient my career in gemology. It is a passion that I kept inside since childhood, influenced by my mother that was evolving in the world of fashion and design. I then pursued a training at ING Paris (Institut National de Gemmologie) to become a gemologist.  Subsequently, I created “Investing In Gems” in 2021.

What products/services do you offer to your customers?

Thanks to “Investing In Gems”, we offer an investment service in the field of precious stones. On the one hand, investing is an opportunity to diversify. On the other hand, it is an exciting subject when one begins to understand the markets and trends of tomorrow.

We also offer a jewelry collection via the “Charlotte.B” commercial brand. Through this brand, I wanted to give life to my creations which only lived in my imagination, until now. In addition, it allows me to provide advice to my customers as soon as they purchase their precious stones.

In my collections, I propose elegant, timeless and easy-to-wear jewelry. Each piece is made by a master craftsman that combines ancestral know-how with modern production techniques.

I also offer to revisit out-of-date jewels in order to make them trendy, respecting their history and their traditions. Finally, Investing In Gems also provide a service of expertise.


Investing In Gems Monaco Investing In Gems Monaco Investing In Gems Monaco


What are your inspirations for creating jewelry?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Fashion, monuments, art, nature but above all women. Women are my source of inspiration because of their uniqueness with different looks and diverse styles.

Nature also inspires me with its richness, I highlight its features in my own way. Indeed, my first collection refers to starry nights. During my travels in Latin America, I was able to observe star showers during splendid nights. I advise you to go and discover these wonders of nature!

Who are your services for?

I work a lot with individuals who want a jewel that matches their personality, or tips for investing wisely into precious stones. For me, it is important not to see the jewelry or the investment in a different way because they are closely linked.

Moreover, it is important that our clients understand the price for several reasons:

– Scarcity
– Quality
– Proportions
– And provenance.

So many criteria that are taken into account to justify the price.

For this reason, I find it important to take the time to share with my clients so that they understand the market and its specificities.

Currently, my clients are mainly Monegasques. However, the Côte d’Azur development will happen soon. Some surprises are planned for the summer, but I won’t say more for the moment!


Investing In Gems Monaco Investing In Gems Monaco


Where do your stones come from and which one is your favorite?

I source the stones myself for my jewelry, in the mines of countries of origin when possible. This allows me to offer high quality gems without intermediaries. Indeed, I regularly travel to Sri Lanka where I’ve been able to set up a trustworthy network. I also travel to Tanzania, Brazil or Madagascar.

My favorite stone is the sapphire because it exists in several shades and some are just breathtaking.


What do you differentiate yourself from others?

Advice, time and a bit of fantasy.

First, it is important to advise honestly and provide an expert opinion as a gemologist. On the other hand, I take the necessary time to get to know my clients, and thus create unique pieces that matches their personality. Finally, I take into account the different requirements and create, thanks to my overflowing imagination, a 3D visual. Once validated by the customer, we proceed with the realization of the jewel.

Why did you choose the Monte-Carlo Business Center to set up your activity?

First of all, for its location. It was essential for me to be based at the very heart of Monaco’s economic activity. The location of Monte-Carlo Business Center is ideal, as well as the atmosphere and the comfort of the place.

Moreover, I was attracted by the team’s hospitality and professionalism, as well as the working environment. It’s a major asset to find a friendly place where you can work quietly. Also, they put forward their customers and I appreciate this initiative.



You want to invest in precious stones? Order a unique jewel that matches your personality? Or simply learn more information on the services offered by Investing In Gems? Charlotte is at your disposal to provide you with information and support by email or telephone: +33 (0)6 78 63 86 96 – investingingems@gmail.com.


Follow Investing In Gems on Instagram: @charlotte.b_jewelry !