Client Spotlight : Thanks to MSC Sport, stay focused on your goals

23 June 2021

Hello Miguel, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us more about your background?

My name is Miguel De Freitas, I am the co-founder and manager of the company MSC Sport [Sports Management and Conciergerie].

I have lived in the Principality from a very young age and have practiced my concierge profession here for many years. To do this job, I had training and obtained a diploma as a building caretaker IGH [high-rise building].

I am also a former professional footballer, notably playing in Portuguese Ligue 2 and in the National Division in France.

I co-founded MSC Sport with my long-time friend Antonio Rebelo. Antonio is a lawyer specializing in sports law and real estate law, and at the same time manages the careers of several professional sportsmen in Europe.

Miguel De Freitas et Antonio Rebela, co-fondateurs de la société MSC SPORT au Monte-Carlo Business Center   Miguel De Freitas et Antonio Rebela, co-fondateurs de la société MSC SPORT au Monte-Carlo Business Center


Why did you choose to get into the concierge business?

Thanks to MSC Sport, I can combine my passion for sports with my job as a concierge. In addition, a majority of our customers are professional footballers so I stay in this world that I love without being on the field.

My partner, Antonio Rebelo, has greatly helped and supported me in setting up the business. His encouragement and confidence in my qualities gave me the strength I needed to explore my entrepreneurial skills.

It is also thanks to my athletic background that I got involved in stewardship and concierge services for athletes. Many professional athletes encouraged me to get into this field, and subsequently became clients.

For whom are the services of MSC Sport intended?

Our services are intended for all types of athletes, whether professional, amateur or Sunday sportsmen.

For the moment, the company MSC Sport works mainly with professional sportsmen, in particular football players. We count among our clients a European champion, Brazilian and Portuguese internationals, as well as a Portuguese up-and-coming international player.

We also work with the technical staff of some teams, including a former Spanish coach who worked with AS Monaco.

Our core business is helping athletes, whatever their level is, to focus on their sports and training by relieving them of their time-consuming tasks.

  Caio Henrique et MSC Sport   Miguel et Gelson Martins MSC SPORT   Miguel et Adrien Silva


What do you think are the essential qualities to evolve in the concierge sector?

Availability, pleasure of helping and good humor are our watchwords! I often say that the janitor’s tool is to smile.

Concerning myself, I love human contact, helping the people around me and feeling useful on a daily basis. It’s a job that suits my character and above all I like it, I never really feel like I’m working.

What services does MSC Sport offer?

To facilitate the personal support of our customers, we have designed three packs.

The first pack, called Starter, is ideal for meeting the needs of one person. By subscribing to this pack, our team takes care of the formalities of the residence permit, driving license, registration, accommodation, insurance etc. In short, we carry out all the necessary steps for the client to settle in the Principality.

The Comfort Pack has been designed to accompany and support athletes and their families (spouse, child(ren), etc.). As a result, the services previously listed in the Starter Pack are also applied to other family members. In addition, there are additional services such as childcare, enrollment in school and extracurricular activities.

Finally, the Premium Pack allows the subscriber of the contract to provide his relatives with all the services offered by MSC Sport. Most of them are international athletes who choose this pack to benefit their families abroad.

See the complete list of services

Of course, we adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers. For this reason, we also offer tailor-made packs to best meet their needs. To give you an example, I have travelled 200 kilometers to accompany a hairdresser to a client.

Pack Starter   Pack Confort   Pack Premium


What are the most requested services by your customers?

Generally, the first contact with a customer is when he arrives in the Principality. Indeed, the administrative procedures to settle are long and laborious, especially for someone who does not speak the language.

On the other hand, our clients call on us for reservations of hotels, restaurants, private flights. Also, to organize the trips of their relatives in the Principality [Premium Pack].

How does MSC SPORT stand out from other concierge services on the Monegasque market?

In addition to the basic concierge services, we support our clients from A to Z in their installation in the Principality. From housing (finding an apartment, taking out insurance, rental lease, etc.) to subscriptions (water, electricity, internet, telephony, etc.) we manage all the procedures.

However, our work does not end when the installation is complete. We continue to manage subscriptions and contracts so that the customer never has to worry about them during their stay in the Principality. Thus, our customers are 100% focused on their sports, training, physical preparation, etc.

In addition, we have entered into numerous partnerships with Monegasque establishments, private flight and limousine service companies […]. Our customers therefore benefit from the best rates.

What do you think is your greatest achievement since the start of your business?

In just one year of existence, I have made real friendships with my clients (current and past). They have complete trust in me, both personally and professionally, and this is my greatest achievement for me.

Why did you choose the Monte-Carlo Business Center for your domiciliation?

The number one criteria in my choice of domiciliation was undoubtedly the location. The central and prestigious location of the center is ideal for my company. In addition,
practically all of my clients live in the Monte-Carlo district, which allows me to be very responsive.

Criteria number two is undeniably the Monte-Carlo Business Center team. The members of this team help me, accompany me and support me on a daily basis.

Something else to add?

Special mention for my partner, Antonio Rebelo, without whom this company would not exist. I am delighted to share this crazy adventure with my lifelong friend, he is a real support on a daily basis.


For more information contact Miguel:

Phone number: +33 (0)6 60 96 39 24
Email: miguel@msc-sport.com
Website: https://www.msc-sport.com/