Importance of social networks for businesses

22 February 2021

Nowadays, social network has become an essential tool for the well-functioning and the successful development of a business. Indeed, it can help in promoting its notoriety and considerably improve its brand image. However, using these platforms requires a well-planned marketing strategy to achieve effective results over the long term.

So why can we say that the presence on social media is crucial for a company? And how to master this strategy in order to stand out from the competition? In this article, we are going to reveal 7 reasons why it is necessary to consider social networks in your marketing strategy.


1. Reach a wider audience

It is undeniable that social platforms are hugely successful. For instance, we were 3.96 billion users on social media in 2020, which makes 51% of the world population. In 2020, Facebook occupied the 1st place with a total of 2.701 billion active users per month. Instagram, for its part, occupied the 6th position with 1.082 billion active users per month. As you may have noticed, positioning your business on these networks is essential if you want to target a large audience.

Source : Hootsuite et We Are Social

2. Increase brand awareness through social networks

Social networks are an important lever in the development of a lasting brand image. Indeed, thanks to them, marketers are able to better target and better adapt their products and services. However, a simple presence on the networks is no longer enough to develop a brand’s notoriety. First of all, you have to choose the social network that corresponds to your target and put the customer at the heart of your marketing strategy. Last but not least, you have to give meaning and value to your content in order to stand out from your competitors.

If you follow these tips, not only will you have happy customers, but you will also grow your sales.

3. Build customer loyalty with engaging and quality oriented

Before you start, understand that your strategy shouldn’t be all about selling. Your products and services matter, but engaging with your community is also essential. The recipe for success on social networks? Quality oriented and relevant content, as well as daily exchanges with your community. 80% of Instagram users follow a brand on this platform. In fact, by communicating with your subscribers you create a real relationship of trust and therefore loyalty. If you master the art of interacting with your fans, you will see a positive impact on your sales.

4. Improve your SEO

Being present on social platforms indirectly improves your position on search engines. The use of these platforms promotes the visibility and popularity of your brand, which will indirectly generate traffic to your website. There are also direct actions like sharing blog posts that will entice your audience to visit your website. This will therefore generate traffic and strengthen your organic SEO.

5. Effective competitive intelligence thanks to social networks

Social media monitoring allows you to position yourself against your competitors and identify new trends. Thus, stand out and seize new opportunities in your industry. In addition, studying competitive practices allows you to better anticipate the needs and preferences of your audience. Therefore, you offer your followers an offer that is continuously improved and adapted to their expectations.

6. Attract potential prospects and future talents

It’s no longer a secret that social medias bring incredible visibility if used correctly. In addition, diversifying their use will allow to increase your sources of customer acquisition. Your goal should always be to attract as many new prospects as possible and to develop engagement with them.

Likewise, it is now possible to recruit new talents within your team thanks to social networks. Your future colleagues are probably on LinkedIn, Facebook or even Instagram. For this reason, it is important to share content about your company, your values, your team etc. The work environment and the general ambience play a huge role in branding – feel free to communicate more about this.


7. Strengthen your Social Selling

Social Selling consists of using social networks to boost sales development. Indeed, contacting potential customers on these platforms makes it possible to identify their expectations more precisely. In this way, your company’s communication strategy will be more targeted and the offer more suitable. Thus, it becomes essential for your sales strategy to forge links with your future customers on social networks.

A recent study found that 53% of marketers claim to have generated sales through content on their social media. LinkedIn is the benchmark social network in terms of Social Selling, mainly for B2B sales. Instagram’s potential comes from its growing popularity which keeps on increasing. Multiple features of this platform make it easy to turn user engagement into conversion (i.e., sales).

Source : Content Marketing Institute


To conclude: Social Networks – A Major Tool

Social network is and will remain an important tool in the development of a business. We are experiencing a permanent digital transformation and in order to ensure its sustainability, the digital transition is essential. A well-controlled marketing strategy can only make you gain visibility and grow your community.

However, mastering social media effectively for one’s business is not something innate. Indeed, we are not born a marketing or communication professional but we become one. Also, it is essential to invest a lot of time for an effective management of social networks. It is equally important to stay informed of the trends and novelties offered by these platforms.

At Monte-Carlo Business Center, we care about the successful development of our clients’ businesses and their brand image. For these reasons, our highly qualified team provides entrepreneurs with all the resources they need. Thus, our customers benefit from tailor-made support in the management of their social networks. In short, we make sure that you optimize your chances of increasing the notoriety of your business on these new essential platforms.

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