29 April 2022
  1. Introduce yourself – introduce your company in a few words

BLS Real Estate in Monaco offers its clients tailor-made support provided by professionals who are experts in their field.

It was in July 2021 that the real estate agency BLS Real Estate was created by three Monegasque partners, Balthazar Seydoux, Mathieu Liberatore and Yann Bertrand. The three of them entrusted Carine Gourlet and Geoffrey Geerts with the management of the agency, focusing on two values: ethics and know-how.


  1. What services do you offer?

Our agency specializes in the purchase and sale of apartments, rentals and property management in the Principality of Monaco. We benefit from a privileged location within the Gallery of the Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo in the Carré d’Or district.


  1. What are the advantages of BLS Real Estate?

We are a dynamic agency supported by an experienced team focused on the satisfaction of our clients from a human and financial point of view. Carine and I combined our nine years of experience in the real estate sector, our skills and our network, in order to complement each other, and find the best investments.

“You are not buying real estate! You are investing in real estate”. That is why we offer personalized support to our clients, in the acquisition, sale and management of their real estate in order to guarantee them the best possible return on investment.


  1. What does the profession of a real estate agent consist of?

The real estate agent in Monaco is usually the first point of contact for clients coming from abroad. We must be able to accompany them in all the steps necessary for their installation in the Principality, which consists in finding them a property, and help them in their administrative procedures.


  1. Is a diploma required to set up a real estate agency in Monaco?

For the creation of a real estate agency in Monaco several criteria must be met. Only a person of Monegasque nationality can apply for the creation of a real estate agency in the Principality of Monaco. The latter must prove either a diploma of a level equal to or higher than three years of higher education after the bachelor’s degree and sanctioning legal, economic or commercial studies, or a higher technician’s certificate in the field of real estate, construction or housing professions, or a university diploma of technology in the same fields; or a diploma of professional aptitude for the functions of notary or first clerk of notary ; or ten years of professional experience in one of the following jobs or functions: Full-time employment in a management position or in a company located in the Principality of Monaco with an activity in the field of real estate, construction or housing; Having held a management position in a company located in the Principality of Monaco with an activity in the field of real estate, construction or housing; Notary clerk.


However, a person of nationality other than Monegasque will be able to buy an already existing License.


  1. Why did you choose the Monte Carlo Business Centre?

The geographical location in the heart of the most prestigious shopping area of the Carré d’Or, the dynamism of the teams, as well as the potential partnerships with the various economic actors of the centre, are the major assets of the Monte Carlo business Centre, and the reason for our choice.


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