Client Spotlight : Be Healthy

28 March 2022

You had discovered the company Investing In Gems in a previous interview. Today, let us introduce Be Healthy and its founder, Sandra Veziano.


Be Healthy Sandra Veziano Be Healthy Sandra Veziano


Hello Sandra, can you describe yourself and your background in a few words?

Hi, I am Sandra Veziano, founder of the company Be Healthy.

After a career in the event business, I got interested in the health and well-being sector. I wanted to create a concept that brings together the best professionals in health, nutrition and sports. Of course, I also trained myself in order to master the different subjects.


Where does your interest in wellness come from and why did you make it your job?

Following a food rebalancing about ten years ago, I realized how fascinating the human body was. Indeed, the body reacts positively when cared for with kindness.

On the other hand, I also became aware of the fact that I only have one body for a lifetime. Just like a car, if it is well maintained, it will run longer and further.

As a result of this realization, I noticed the lack of an intermediary service when consulting with health professionals.


What services do you offer?

First, I draw up an overview of the client’s needs, health and habits. Following this assessment, I define what levels of support will be necessary to achieve the coaching objectives.

These various support services include for example the coaching in nutrition and micronutrition. This involves, among other things, individual sessions, help with shopping choices and recipe tips. The objective is to set up new personalized habits, according to the objectives and lifestyle of each individual.

In addition, Be Healthy also recommends sports trainings customised to everyone’s goals.

To complement these services, we also offer massage and lymphatic drainage, according to the Renata França method.

Our ambition is to never use the words “diet”, “constraints” or “guilt” during the program. Our philosophy is to encourage you to take care of your body and your health, in order to relax and improve your well-being.


Who are your services for?

Our coaching sessions are intended for all people seeking well-being. The services and the frequency of the sessions are determined according to your needs, objectives and means.

Several reasons can motivate our coachees, from a desire to lose weight to the management of hormonal problems (menopause or premenopause). We also accompany people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes. We also assist professional athletes in their physical and mental preparation.


What are the most frequent requests?

At the moment, we mainly receive requests for weight loss support. We also have clients who use our services to manage and limit the effects of stress.


What role do you play?

Firstly, I carry out an “audit” of the coachee’s needs and objectives.

Secondly, I select and coordinate the professionals so that their skills coincide with the objectives set.

Finally, I personally ensure the link between the client and the professionals. In this way, I guarantee smooth and efficient exchanges and a warm relationship.


How do you stand out from your competitors in a healthy world?

In fact, I don’t feel any competition because we work together towards a common goal: wellness. I can work with anyone, professional or private, who chooses to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy is a trend, but I think it motivates people to eat better and improve their lives in general. It is a positive movement that contributes to the general awareness, even if we often have to sort out the information we receive!


Why did you choose the Monte-Carlo Business Center to set up your company?

The first reason is the location of the business centre in the heart of Monaco. This central location in the business district is ideal for an entrepreneur.

Secondly, several contacts who are already clients of the Monte-Carlo Business Center have warmly recommended it to me.



You want to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle? Lose weight? Reduce your stress? Contact Sandra and let her expertise guide you towards a healthier lifestyle: sandra@behealthymonaco.com

You can also find Be Healthy on Instagram: @behealthy.monaco!