Second edition of Art in Business concept

09 February 2022

In mid-January, the Monte-Carlo Business Center set up its second exhibition stemming from the “Art in Business” concept. As a reminder, the concept is a way to link art and entrepreneurship, through an exhibition within a business center.

Thus, at the end of 2021 we presented the works of Mr OneTeas and its contemporary and street art inspirations. At the same time, you discovered the world of Dario Vella and his urban bestiary, featuring animals. This time, we are highlighting a new artistic movement: abstract art.

Abstract Art

Emering at the beginning of the 20th century, abstract art freed from models to give way to shapes and colors. Specifically, content is left out for pure form unlike previous art forms. Indeed, from the Renaissance until the middle of the 19th century, art aimed to reproduce the illusion of visible reality.

Arnaud Clavet alias Vatell, a colorful artist

Born in Périgueux, this lawyer has always evolved in an artistic and literary environment. This passion has taken a major importance in his life over the years. It allows hom to bring his imagination to life.

Our current artist is passionate about nature, travel, surfing and plants, more precisely rare and protected exotic plants. Thus, the spectacle of natural elements, their immensity and their power, has an influence on the colors and shapes of his works. He tells us that “in these times of gloom, we must relearn more than ever to observe and appreciate the colors offered to us by nature and life in general. »

Vatell’s works are both graphic and industrial due to the support used for their production: aluminum. This choice of support refers to his paternal grandfather who owned a factory manufacturing industrial machinery.

In short, Vatell wants its colorful and joyful works to catch the eye, capture attention and arouse emotions.


You are an art lover, an artist or simply curious? Do not hesitate to push Monte-Carlo Business Center’s doors, to discover the second exhibition of the “Art in Business” concept! Our team will be delighted to welcome you.

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