Working Vibes – The playlist that makes you want to work

09 February 2021

I. Introduction

Working with music is not yet a habit part of our daily life. However, many studies show that working with background music helps concentration and efficient performance of tasks. In fact, it allows you to work efficiently while allowing yourself a moment of relaxation.


II. Purpose

The current context is forcing some of us to work from home. Obviously, this represents a significant change in our organization and in the way we remain focused. Thus, maintaining a good pace of work becomes our first concern. Many existing playlists exist and can significantly improve your concentration and therefore your performance. A multitude of platforms like Spotify, Deezer or even YouTube offer motivating music selections. However, to choose the one that suits you, you must first identify your goal.

         1. Stay focused

If your goal is to maintain a certain concentration in carrying out important tasks, then classical music is the most appropriate. We talk about the “Mozart effect” because it stimulates the brain and improves our thinking skills.

         2. Boost you

If you are doing repetitive tasks and need a boost, several playlists are made for you. We all know the slack after lunch, for this reason, some compilation of catchy music helps you stay motivated!

          3. Relax

If your goal is to relax while remaining productive, lounge chillout music is the best option. Perfect for destressing, it will allow you to work in all serenity.

         4. Motivation to do your best and work efficiently

Finally, if you want music that gives you motivation and get you going, there is nothing better than a pop playlist, with sounds that will make you want to finalize what you may have started.


 III. Our personalized Working Vibes Playlist

At Monte-Carlo Business Center, our goal is to ensure your daily well-being. Thus, we want to help you work efficiently and bring joy to your daily life. For this reason, we have put together a 100% work friendly playlist for you!

You can listen to these tracks when you are looking for motivation, guaranteed boost.


We let you discover the MCBC Playlist by clicking on the link above. We cannot wait to hear if you enjoyed this compilation! The team remains at your disposal for any musical suggestions for the MCBC Playlist N°2 (contact us here)