M.S.C Sport and its General Manager have settled down at Monte-Carlo Business Center

17 August 2020

The M.S.C Sport company and its General Manager, Miguel De Freitas, have settled down at Monte-Carlo Business Center.

M.S.C Sport is a Monegasque company specialising in luxury concierge and career management. This company provide assistance to high-level athlete so they can stay focus on their sporting goals. Indeed, when an athlete joins a new club, he is facing lots of administrative tasks and constraints of everyday life. Therefore, it is in the stewardship and concierge service that M.S.C Sport decided to specialise.

Last Friday, Miguel DE FREITAS and his business partner Antonio REBELO, organised a cocktail party to present M.S.C Sport. Some thirty people were invited at Monte-Carlo Business Center on Friday 14 August 2020 for the official launch of the company.

Roger DUBUIS, the watch manufacturer was present during this cocktail, as well as ALLIANZ, the insurance company. The former professional goalkeeper Bruno VALENCONY also attended the event and also Robert MORENO former trainer of ASM FC. Some professional football players honoured us with their presence, for example Gil DIASStevan JOVETIĆ but also Gelson MARTINS, all three of them playing football for AS Monaco.


From left to right : Julie LORENZI, Gil DIAS, Gelson MARTINS, Mathieu MAGARA


Robert MORENO and Stevan JOVETIĆ


From left to right : Mathieu MAGARA, Miguel DE FREITAS, Antonio REBELO


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M.S.C Sport

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