How does your workplace impact your productivity?

03 September 2020

Many studies tend to show a positive correlation between workplace and productivity. Indeed, it seems that employees who like their work environment tend to be more involved in their everyday tasks. In this article, learn how workplace impacts productivity and how the Monte-Carlo Business Center improve its clients’ wellbeign at work.

1. Well-being at work

Recently, teleworking was set up massively for a major part of the population due to the COVID-19. This new way of working was highly appreciated by employees and going back to normalcy was hard for most of them. However, the concentration capacity is much higher in a dedicated work environment. Indeed, recent studies have revealed that employees’ productivity is closely linked to its wellbeing within the company and to its working environment. Moreover, sedentary behaviour caused by the actual sanitary crisis, can have a detrimental effect on performance and productivity.

The Monte-Carlo Business Center offers a good working framework enabling productivity. The business center is organised in order to propose modern, professional and stimulating working spaces. Come and meet us so we can show you our pleasant working environment which encourages productivity of people who work at MCBC!

Our business center offers many amenities designed to make your daily life more enjoyable. For example, we have a fully-equipped meeting room that will allow you to you to organise dynamic meetings. MCBC also owns a lounge area and a coffee corner where drinks and snacks are at your disposal.

2. A balanced workplace for focus and collaboration

Individual focus and collaborative work function best as complement rather than opposites. It is with this in mind that Monte-Carlo Business Center offers quiet and convivial open and shared spaces. Ultimately, workplaces designed to enable collaboration without sacrificing employees’ ability to focus are more successful

Therefore, it is important for each individual to speak and share with others. Balanced workplaces—those prioritizing both focus and collaboration—score higher on measures of satisfaction, innovation, effectiveness and performance. Monte-Carlo Business Center put the human beings at the heart of the concerns.

3. Variety of spaces

Studies show that an individual’s productivity and creativity depend on having a variety of space to both work and relax. Nevertheless, when every square foot of floor space adds cost, business centers and shared spaces might be an optimum solution without paying for superfluous square footage.

At Monte-Carlo Business Center, have access to several spaces to boost your creativity. Among these areas you have for example a modern and fully-equipped meeting room as well as a cosy and comfortable lounge area. This will enable you to access different spaces, change posture and scenery according to your desires.

4. Offices providing the right tools will improve productivity

Sometimes, it is quite complicated to properly do the job when working conditions are not favourable. However, emergence of new technologies is clearly a facilitator for productivity. Providing employees with the right tools and equipment is critical so they can execute their duties efficiently and on time. Modern offices should meet the needs of businesses and their employees so daily tasks can be achieved easily and hence increase productivity.

Our business center we give our clients a variety of services that are essential the smooth running of an organization. From high speed internet to printing and digitalization services, through the interactive screen in the meeting room. The center’s equipment are modern and efficient to ensure your satisfaction.

5. The working environment: crucial for wellbeing and productivity

Working environment include the internal installations of the office, but involves also the surrounding areas. Providing an optimal work environment is an opportunity to improve business performance.

Located at the Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo, the Monte-Carlo Business Center benefits from a unique and privileged location. The business center is situated within the Principality of Monaco, nearby the Casino and the main banking area. Its location is perfect and this brand-new district has a wide range of shops and restaurants. Besides a modern, colourful and bright office you will benefit from a dynamic and luxurious neighbourhood.


In conclusion, we can rightly say that workplace impacts productivity. Indeed, the various components of work environment can have a positive or negative influence on someone’s productivity. Providing a dynamic and pleasant work environment will have a direct impact on workers’ productivity and performance.