Benefits of Using a Business Centre

19 May 2021

The growing popularity of business center is explained by the metamorphosis of working methods. Indeed, this system fits perfectly with a nomadic and connected generation, in search of purpose. Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are looking for modular and flexible spaces at an advantageous cost. This trend, coming straight from North America, is popular with its all-inclusive services and the rental of fully equipped and furnished professional spaces.

The phenomenon has quickly widespreaded, particularly with the pandemic and the democratization of telecommuting. So what are the advantages of a domiciliation in a business center and why do many entrepreneurs choose to set up their companies there?


I. Domiciling your activity in a business center

Domiciling your activity in a business center has many advantages, especially for SME and VSE. Indeed, developing companies or small to medium size ones, have specific needs but limited financial means. Thus, domiciliation in a business center offers added value to the company both materially and financially.

1. Cost savings

Setting up in a business center means controlling the expenses associated with domiciliation. Indeed, this option considerably reduces the initial investment. For example, the Monte-Carlo Business Center offers fully equipped, furnished and decorated offices.

In addition, the center provides its customers with everything they need to get settled in as little time as possible. High-speed internet access, professional printer, coffee machine… Put down your bags and start working immediately. You will understand that the number 1 advantage of the business center is cost reduction and control.

2. More flexibility

Establishing your activity in a business center means choosing a flexible solution, over the short or long term, depending on your needs. At Monte-Carlo Business Center, contracts are established for a period of one year. However, the early termination notice is only two months. So you can settle your business in for a short period and terminate at no additional cost, or settle in for a longer period.

3. Daily assistance

At Monte-Carlo Business Center, our team accompanies you from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thus, benefit from a team at your service to welcome and receive your customers in the best conditions. In addition, we are Monaco Welcome certified, thus contributing to the attractiveness and excellence of the Principality of Monaco.

Also, our team takes care of the daily reception of your mail and its redistribution in your mailbox.

4. Additional and high added value services

Do you have a specific need for a meeting room or a quiet space for your videoconference? The Monte-Carlo Business Center offers spaces and equipment designed for businesses.

In business centers, you can also benefit from additional services. At MCBC we offer translation services, business creation support, administrative assistance in your social media communication […].

II. Business Centers’ trend in the Principality

For the Principality of Monaco, it is important to support the country’s growth by promoting the development of businesses. Thus, the Monegasque administration is working to provide a favorable environment for entrepreneurs. However, the average price per per square metre in the Principality is so high that commercial premises are almost inaccessible to young entrepreneurs.

Thus, the first business centers were created in the Principality to offer a lasting rental solution and quality services.

Today, business centers are multiplying, each offering basic and tailor-made services. At Monte-Carlo Business Center, our clients benefit from a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of each.

For the sake of efficiency, the Principality also offers “business incubators” offering similar formulas as business centers. These incubators are however reserved for business owners of Monegasque nationality.


III. Why choose the Monte-Carlo Business Center?

As mentioned earlier, each business center offers basic services. In addition, the prices of the domiciliation formulas are regulated by the Monegasque Government and therefore common to all centers. But suddenly, why choose the Monte-Carlo Business Center rather than another one?

At Monte-Carlo Business Center, we include the following services at no additional cost: printing service, high speed internet, customer reception, reception and redistribution of mail […]. However, the MCBC has many other advantages:

  • We have a central and prestigious address within the Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo shopping mall. Indeed, the proximity of the center nearby the Casino and the main banking area is an undeniable asset.
  • Our professional and highly qualified team will meet your needs and support you on a daily basis. We have also obtained the “Monaco Welcome Certified” label, proof of our commitment to providing excellent hospitality.
  • Here, the atmosphere is friendly. Our members’ favorite meeting point: the coffee machine (free and unlimited of course, as well as tea)!
  • We won the title of Best Business Center 2020. No need to say more, you see what we mean …
  • Our modern and professional workspaces have been designed to encourage your productivity. Pleasant, comfortable, bright: if you try it, you’ll love it!
  • At Monte-Carlo Business Center, we are flexible and sensitive to your needs. Whether your presence is occasional, one-off or long-term, we adapt to offer you the best possible experience.


So, convinced? Find out more about Monte-Carlo Business Centre’s offers and services and give your business the address it deserves! Domiciliation, office rental, professional services, meeting room […]. Choose the MCBC and give your professional activity every chance of success. Contact our team now!